Why OSL?

OPERATION: SOLID LIVES (OSL) is a highly effective, proven system of discipleship that has been written, tested and refined—time and again for over 20 years—to maximize its ability to impact individuals and accommodate masses of believers who are genuinely hungry for God’s word.

Check out the testimonies of genuine life-change from students who have experienced the freedom and joy that comes as OSL teaches you to abide in God’s word.

"This class has changed my life. Through Pastor Jerry’s teachings and the Holy Spirit, God’s truths in His word have been revealed to me in a mighty way. I can’t even tell you how grateful I am to the Lord Jesus, what He has done for me and what this means for me."
"In this class I learned to quiet my soul and listen to God."
"This class and the discipline I’ve grown in has really made Him real to me. Now it’s not something that I dread…It has become my daily delight."
"There are no words to express the love and the gratitude that I have for my Lord Jesus Christ and it was all revealed to me through this class."
"This past four weeks, the Lord has revealed Himself to me in a whole new way. He has given me a glimpse of the fullness and depth of his love for me."
"What I quickly discovered and learned through listening to Pastor Jerry was, how different this was from anything else that I had ever heard."
"For me this was a spiritual p90x workout. It was extremely intense. But it is guaranteed to work and no matter what level you come in at, you will come out changed and you’ll be far different from how you entered."