Become A Partner

The bible repeatedly shows us the value of PARTNERSHIP. Jesus sent the disciples out two by two, and He didn’t give the GREAT COMMISSION to an individual; He gave it to a whole group of believers. He called His followers to work together to advance the kingdom of God. And He’s still calling us—today—to work together to bring the Gospel into every nation.

By partnering with Jerry Dirmann Ministries, you will literally be taking discipleship to the nations, sending missionary teams to various countries to train pastors to disciple their congregations, and bringing the word of God and resources to people around the world through a variety of media ministry venues!

There are three options to partner with Jerry Dirmann Ministries:

  1. 1. Individual Partners

    The way most people partner with our ministry. This is an opportunity for ANYONE who would like to join with us to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipleship around the world.

  2. 2. The "2-Spy Club"

    Partnership for Pastors/Ministers.

  3. 3. The "Solid Lives Network"

    Available for those churches that feel called to connect with Jerry Dirmann Ministries.